Brand strategy for business leaders who want to put better decisions in market.


Why did we create


We believe Brand Strategy is a great product, trapped in a poor user experience: 


The three day offsite. The 72 slide deck. The 317 page report.


In the words of noted internet philosopher Sweet Brown: 

aint nobody got time for that.

We've changed the way you 'do' Brand Strategy


Gameplan was created to help put more brand thinking in the hands of more people in the business. Here's how:

We’re user-friendly

You go into the process knowing how long it will take, who needs to be involved, how much it will cost, what you’ll get out of it and how the business can use it. You come out with a beautiful 'Brand Strategy On A Page'

It’s not simple, just clear.

Relentlessly collaborative

There’s no black box, we get in the business, learn about your people and start actively building consensus. We don’t own any execution capabilities, so we’re natively ‘production neutral’. Crucially, we believe brands become powerful when they belong to everyone in a business.

This is not the time to argue over who gets to make stuff.

And obsessively commercial

We give your best people the space to do their best thinking, steer them away from endless option-making 'brainstorms' and push them towards bold decision-taking. By aligning the Brand to the Business, we keep everyone focussed on creating 

commercial advantage.

If no-one is using your strategy, you don’t have a strategy.

Plenty of ways to get started

with Gameplan.

Training &
& Insights
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If you’re ready to start putting better branding decisions in market, let's get together and make a plan.


 Who we help 

Through our proprietary 3D Brand Strategy process, we've helped: an engineering firm turn their clients' biggest criticism into a brand distinction;  a developer launch their ultra-premium residences by making it 'almost impossible' to experience the product; a famous heart surgeon choose to build their corporate brand around their methods, rather than their personality; an office tower transform its identity by telling workers they might be better off leaving the building; a technology business build brand value by letting the tech take a back seat to politics;  a PE firm turn a manufacturer into a distributor (and into a return on equity);  a hospital group decide to get into the business of saving the nation's health system; an aged care group take on the task of helping Australians become more comfortable with the idea of death.

Rather than focus on specific industries, Gameplan considers the particular ‘life stage’ of the businesses, such as restructuring, M&A activity, product extension, geographic expansion, capital injection or preparation for an exit. These are the moments when Brand Equity becomes a very real thing.


There's a fascinating story behind each of our clients' challenges. Get in touch and we can unpack the relevant case studies for you in greater detail. 


Brainstorms are about creating options.


is about

taking decisions.

Who we are

Our work with progressive, visionary business leaders led us to develop an approach to creating brands that's fast, practical and actionable.


We've worked with a growing number of entrepreneurs and business leaders who recognise the value of brand equity, but want an efficient, practical way of creating and growing it. 

Gameplan makes this possible for a wider set of industries and businesses.

Scott Hammond

Business Director


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